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Lucallian: A collaborative equestrian project revolutionizing saddle design with AR technology. It delivers personalized saddles, precisely matched to rider and horse biomechanics, ensuring comfort and safety.

Nomination Award

It's an honor to have received a nomination for the esteemed SDA Award, courtesy of the Swiss Design Association. This nomination underscores our innovative approach and celebrates 'Lucallian,' our collaborative bachelor's project, mentored by the Accenture Group. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Accenture Group for their invaluable contribution and unwavering support.

Group Project

Our BA project was a collaborative effort between Dzhuliia Kolodko, specializing in Interaction Design, and myself, specializing in Industrial Design. This partnership was instrumental, as our unique perspectives greatly influenced and enriched each other's work throughout the project.

Basis of Our Work

This graph assisted us in designing the application into a comprehensive design.






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Ideation Skethes

Finding a Saddle Tree system concept with rough Sketches.

GravitySketch 3D Models

Sketching in VR on the Meta Quest 2 in the program Gravitysketch helped me better visualize the system: because it allows for rapid prototyping.

Body Study Comparison

Analysis of Male and Female Body Mechanics on a Horse's Back.

Body Study Comparison

Analyzing the body mechanics of males and females on horseback.

3D Models (rider)

We collaborated with AlterEgo, using their precise 3D model of Dzhulliia. Extracting key measurements like pelvic tilt, inseams, and hip bone width ensured accuracy. This data guided our project to customize saddle fit for comfort and functionality, thanks to AlterEgo's technology.
[Select 3D model to view in 360°]

3D Models (Horse)

We used the 3D Scanner App to scan Fou de reve, creating a precise digital horse model for our project. From this model, we derived measurements like saddle support area, spine width, and shoulder symmetry. These accurate measurements informed our design for optimal fit and comfort, benefiting both the horse and rider.
[Select 3D model to view in 360°]


Here, you can witness the iterative evolution of the FlexFit System prototype, a pivotal phase in the development of Lucallian's innovative saddle technology.

FlexFit System

Lucallian's saddle system emphasizes the FlexFit Tree and AdaptPad for rider and horse comfort. The FlexFit Tree, comprising 3D CellPad, FlexBody, and FlexTree, offers adaptability and weight distribution. The AdaptPad adds customizable padding for enhanced comfort. These components ensure comfortable, adaptive riding experiences and prioritize horse well-being.

Lucallian's FlexFit System

FlexBody Measurements
for Dynamic Adjustments

The provided measurements detail the Cantle Height, offering five size options ranging from 5cm to 15cm. Notably, there is a distinction based on gender preferences, with lower options typically suited for men and higher options for women. This ensures a personalized and comfortable fit for riders.

Tailored Comfort with
FlexBody: Polyester
Struts and Pelvis Structure

FlexBody Measurements are applied in Polyester Struts, custom-made based on the individual's Pelvis Structure. This design ensures adaptability, providing personalized comfort for each user.

FlexBody Measurements
for Dynamic Adjustments

The FlexBody measurements focus on the Deering aspect, indicating the change in length. This feature allows for dynamic adjustments, ensuring optimal comfort and fit for users.

Adaptive Support
with FlexTree: Back
Flex-Steel Struts

FlexTree Measurements are implemented in Back Flex-Steel Struts, offering adaptive support. The length varies based on the rider's hip width, while the thickness adjusts according to the rider's weight. This design ensures a personalized and comfortable fit for each individual.

Tailored Comfort
with FlexTree:
Gullet Adjustments

FlexTree Measurements are incorporated into the Gullet, providing customized comfort for the horse. The length adapts based on the horse's withers shape, while the height of the gullet can vary depending on neck clearance and flexibility, allowing for a personalized fit with a difference of 4-6 cm.

Optimizing Support:
FlexTree Side
Flex-Steel Struts

FlexTree Measurements are utilized in the Side Flex-Steel Struts to provide tailored support for the horse's back. The length adjusts according to the horse's back length from the shoulder to the 18th rib, ensuring a proper fit. Additionally, the thickness varies based on the rider's weight, optimizing comfort and stability.

App Design

The smartphone app utilizes AR scanning technology and measurements, allowing riders to independently undergo the sophisticated fitting process and order a customized saddle based on the individual biomechanics of both the rider and the horse. By integrating these measurements into a physical product, "Lucallian" creates an anatomically personalized saddle tree and padding system, ensuring a perfect and pain-free fit for both the rider and the horse.


Here you can see our exhibition from June 2023.


We use a versatile toolkit including Figma, Miro, Alterego, Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Fusion 360, Blender, Keyshot, Cinema 4D, and Framer for a wide range of creative needs.

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