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Unique Assets for Extended Realities

Unique Assets for Extended Realities


Our project celebrates digital individuality with a platform and archive of unique wearable assets for extended realities. Using NFTs, we translate personal uniqueness into digital wearables, bridging the gap between anonymity and self-expression in virtual spaces. This exploration envisions augmented reality's potential to reshape our future expressions.


Our objectives include partnering with Metaverse firms for Augma accessory integration, developing AR Assets for NFT display in Augmented Reality, and collaborating with Augma holders to ensure creators receive royalties.


Blender, Miro, Figma, Illustrator, Webflow, Spark AR, Metamask, Opensea


Kaitlynn Harrison, Sui Thin Ip, Miguel Seabra


Interaction Designer, User Experience Designer, 3D Modeler


With this moodboard, we wanted to convey the Lawpolly reflective mask-type quality we created.




Typeface: Roboto

Colour Scheme


  • #E6007E

  • #878787

  • #323232

Creation of 360° NFT Masks

Our accomplishment is the development of a practical AR app showcasing Augma's accessory line. Our journey was driven by 3D proficiency with Blender and Cinema 4D. Dive into our NFT AR mask collection, easily accessible on the blockchain. [Select the Image In order to view it in 360°]


Exploring the 3D space of metaverse and virtual realities, our focus on digital identity through AR accessories is just the beginning. With the evolving platforms and tools, the possibilities for altering our digital avatars are endless, sparking excitement and curiosity for further exploration.

Explore our exhibition where visitors actively tested Augma's masks with Apark AR's app and purchased blockchain-linked masks on OpenSea.

© Copyright 2023 kah design.

© Copyright 2023 kah design.